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Auto Impound Management®

Auto Impound Management®

The Auto Impound Management® (AIM®) system developed by NOBEL Systems has been designed to eliminate the problems and confusion so often associated with auto impound management. This successful and easy-to-use management tool is the product of cutting-edge technology coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the business of auto impound management, its problems, and its goals.

The Municipality that takes AIM® is able to track and control each and every vehicle in its charge from the moment it is impounded to the moment it is reclaimed, auctioned, or recycled as dictated by local, state & federal regulations. Every step of the impound is thoroughly documented and controlled.

Access to vehicle information is instantly accessible to qualified individuals, and such access is also documented by the system. People working with the system have access to only those areas that affect the performance of their job.

A series of reports, flagged notification and letters are automatically generated and disseminated to insure accurate tracking throughout the impound and release process.

Handheld wireless tablets enable field agents to keep in touch with the AIM® base. From these tablets it is possible to log-in new impounds and update the status of vehicles already in the system. Once again, all changes and entries are linked to the author by access code and electronic signature if necessary.

The AIM® system can be customized as needed. It is capable of handling large volumes. AIM® is a must for today's municipalities that are experiencing rapid growth leading to the need for accurate accountability and compliance.

AIM® will:

  • Automatically calculate the number of days in storage and the associated fees based on vehicle classification.
  • Allow sensitive dates to be changed only by authorized personnel (impound/release dates).
  • Simplify the process to speed up the auction of unclaimed vehicles.
  • Allow authorized auction managers to file title applications via wireless tablets.
  • Allow authorized auction department personnel to view pending applications and titles in possession necessary to conduct auctions (including detailed reports).
  • Archive all activities resulting in an auction in case of discrepancies with lien, lease or insurance agency.
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